Protection, medical coverage and saving money have become a necessity in today’s economy. NMIN Educator Alliance has put together a member benefits plan that is second to none. Browse through the various products and see what you will receive by being a member of NMIN Educator Alliance!

Adequate Medical coverage is an absolute necessity especially with the confusing Affordable Care Act (ACA). With the GAP Plan, an optional product with the NMIN Educator Alliance membership, you could be covered for all the deductibles, co-insurances and other procedures not paid for by the ACA or your employer Medical coverage either a regular plan or a high deductible plan.

You’ll get protection from the reality of Identity Theft. It’s the complete package: monitoring, insurance, keylogging defense, restoration and legal services. With Points of Care you’ll have access to substantial discounts on medical-related products such as Prescription Drugs, Mail Order Rx, Over the Counter Products, Durable Medical Equipment, and Diabetes Supplies.

And with the Legal & Tax Plan you’ll receive free and discounted professional services including a free will and trust and FREE tax return preparation. The Credit Counseling benefit provides from professional assistance and solutions from trained counselors to help you strengthen your credit. And as an added benefit, the always growing Savings Outlet provides you with links to approved money-saving websites with educator supplies, computers, software, clothing and more.

Take a look at all the services and you’ll want to become a member today!