What is covered in our Educational workshop?

Because your benefits may change every year it is important for you to understand those benefits. Your lack of understanding could cost you thousands of dollars in medical expenses, disability payments and retirement income and losses.

Remember, our Educational Workshops are just that – Educational – there will be no selling or product pushing, no cost or obligation. We do not promote or endorse any specific product or company we only educate and provide answers. Our goal is to provide the highest level of financial education available in order to help people better understand their benefits and retirement plans. So, what do we cover in our Workshops?

What’s New

Your State Retirement Plan*

– A brief description of benefits.

Health Insurance

– What plans do you have, Costs, Deductibles and Co-Insurance

Dental Coverage

– What are the costs, do you need Dental Plus, benefits


– Costs and Benefits

Life insurance

– Costs and Benefits

Long Term Disability

– Costs and Benefits of the Basic and Supplemental Plans

Money Plus

– What is it and how does it work


– What is it and how does it work, would a GAP Plan be better for you?


– How does your 401k work and why did I lose 40% of my retirement in 2008


– How does it work, how you can use one to your benefit, if I am eligible for a 403b should I have a 403b, 401k or a Conventional IRA?

15% – 39% Guaranteed Return?

Is that possible?

Voluntary Benefits

– What products do I need, how do they work, and do I even need them.

Tax Free income

– Why is a tax-free income important at retirement. How can I get a tax-free income?

Questions and Answers

If you would like to attend one of our Educational workshops but don’t see a convenient date or time in our Upcoming Workshops section, please fill out this form and we will contact you when there is a workshop available for you.

*This benefit requires an in-depth explanation and because of time we will cover what is needed to know to understand the costs, benefits and retirement options.