This is an exciting opportunity for the right person. Are you currently employed at an educational institution (school system, college, tech – public or private), a retired educator, currently or maybe worked with the PTA or Boosters and are looking for extra income that could turn into a big income? If so, we’d like to talk to you about being a Membership Representative.

Work at your own pace, representing a quality Membership organization whose member benefits are really needed! You will feel good about representing NMIN Educator Alliance because your associates will thank you for making this available to them.

Just the ID Theft by itself is worth the $10.95 a month (with the enrollment code) let alone the Legal and Tax Plan! Just think, you and your associates can have your taxes done for free and talk to a CPA when you have questions, get a free will and trust, discounts on legal services and much more – all for only $10.95 a month just for being a member of NMIN Educator Alliance.

Just in case you missed it you get ID Theft, Credit Counseling, Legal Plan, Tax Plan, Rx Plus, Savings Outlet (an on-line discount shopping service) plus Optional Benefits only found in group plans. All this for only $10.95 a month with the enrollment code. No code? Then the cost of membership is $15 a month plus a $3 membership fee.

Take a look at the NMIN Educator Alliance site, read about each of the membership benefits, if you want to work with us just click on the link below and we’ll contact you.

Click Here to get started.