Financial Planning

The phrase conjures up running back and forth between accountants, attorneys, stock brokers and insurance agents trying to piece together a financial plan with individuals or companies that may or may not understand the needs of an educator.

And, of course the phrase “Financial Planning” is over used and you’ve heard it all before. If you’re talking to an insurance agent – its insurance, a stock broker – stocks and bonds, a real estate agent – it’s some kind of real estate. They’re all needed, maybe, but how do you know what to do?

We have worked with educators for over 40 years and feel we understand what your needs are and how to establish a plan that is customized for you utilizing the benefits that are available to you through your employment and other custom products.

Here are a few areas where we can help you put some or all of these plans together into one cohesive plan:

· Tax Sheltered Annuities- 403(b) – we can show you how to save more of your hard earned money and at the same   time, take home more.
· 401(k) – If you’re older than 59½ you can roll over your 401k and have a 100% guarantee of your principle and an immediate credit of 5% on all your contributions for the first 7 years and still contribute to your 401k for tax benefits.
· Disability Insurance – If your long term disability policy provided by your employer doesn’t start paying until the 91st day – we can provide the plan that will pay you to the 90th day.
· Life insurance – Too much? Not enough? Right kind? We can custom design a plan just for you.
· Retirement Plan – utilizing our own proprietary plan, The Advantage, we can show you how to utilize the money your making now to retire in the future.
· Affordable Care Act (ACA) / Employer Medical Insurance – Utilizing our GAP Plan you may be able to pay your deductibles and co-insurances plus other benefits in your existing plan or the ACA plans.

We will work with you and coordinate your benefits you have through your employer and give you a custom plan just for you and your circumstances. If you are a NMIN Educator Alliance member you can utilize the benefits of the Attorney Plan and get a free Will and Trust plus much more, with the Tax Plan you can get your tax questions answered and have your tax returns done at no cost and be protected by the ID Theft Plan, it coordinates very well in any financial plan. But, with or with the membership we will develop a financial plan that is flexible and custom just for you.
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