If you are an Employee of a School System, College, University or Technical College, this is what you’ve been looking for. Of course you are welcome to view and purchase any product on this site via the Optional Benefits, but we thought we would give you a taste of the enriched custom benefits.

GAP Insurance

Depending on your state of residence, this exciting new product can pay most or even all of your Deductible, Co-Insurance and Co-Pays in your Health plan. It also includes Outpatient coverage for things such as Emergency Room coverage, Physician Office visits and more. PLUS – depending on the state it could be Guarantee Issue!

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Life Insurance

Who doesn’t need more Life Insurance coverage: This is your opportunity to purchase more life insurance without waiting for open enrollment. Term insurance, Universal Life and Index Universal life and Whole Life.
Most products have No Medical Questions, No Physicals and No Hassle!

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Short Term Disability

Your State Disability Insurance plan usually starts paying you after 90, 120 or more days – What are you going to do for those 90+ days: You can get our Short Term Disability Policy that pays you monthly; tax free, for accidents and sickness for 90+ days.

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Accident Medical Insurance

This needed Accident plan provides for items such as hospital room and board, physician services, laboratory tests and other expenses for medical services due to an injury caused by an accident.
And it’s Guarantee Issue.

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Cancer Care Solution

Our cancer plans could provide cash benefits to meet cancer expenses such as Daily Hospital benefits, Chemotherapy Treatment and a First Occurrence Rider, in addition there could be a Dread Disease Rider and an optional Heart/Stroke Benefit. (Depending on the state)

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Luther Sales

You can purchase living, bedroom and dining room suites, computers, TV’s, jewelry and everything in between with a payment you can truly afford, including interest free!

Exclusively for NMIN Educator Alliance members:

  • $150 off Your 1st Purchase (with a minimum order of $1500)
  • Free In Home Delivery and set up on all fine furniture and mattresses
  • Special financing for Sure Card Benefits Members
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Responsible Purchasing through the Convenience of Payroll Deduction

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Do you plan vacations every year but go to the same old places? Well, how about Thailand, Turkey, a trip down the Amazon, China and other exciting places. You can purchase the vacation of your dreams and pay for it with zero percent interest. There are many reasons to become a Member of Educator Alliance, but this is certainly one of the best.

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The 401k Dilemma

What if they come after your 401k?

Congress has had meetings over the course of the last 2 years talking about it. There is about $3 Trillion in 401k savings – too big of a prize to go untouched.

What will you do if they make you take government securities, pay you penitence, make you take a pension and have no control over your money?

What are you going to do?

Does the market make you worry? It should! The government is propping-up the market and they have to stop sometime – and what happens when they do? The results could be worse than 2008!

If you’re older than 59½ you can do an in-service rollover with your 401k, have a 100% guarantee of your principle and an immediate credit of 5% on all your contributions for the first 7 years*, still contribute to Your 401k for tax benefits and you’ll have a lump sum out of your 401k!

If you are worried about stock market uncertainty, future returns, government intervention and retirement income, you need to talk to us! Click here for more information.

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Financial Review

For a limited time we are offering a free Financial Review, normally a $150 value, this service could save you thousands in unnecessary taxes and point out insurance policies that you are paying too much for or may not even be needed. For information on our Financial Planning/Review Service Click Here

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Do you have a 403(b) (TSA)?

Do you know how it works? Do you take advantage of it? Do you have a 403(b) and want to know more about it. We can help you, we’ve been helping educators for over 45 years and we can help you.

Contact us for a for a no obligation, no pressure, informational appointment, just Click here. *Depending on your state of residence

Disability Insurance

NMIN Advisor will custom design a Disability Plan for you. There are many different variables in a disability plan, your occupation, amount of coverage, term of coverage and much more. We have coverage amounts exceeding $15,000 a month and cover all occupations.

We also have coverages for Student Loan repayment and coverage to pay your retirement plan such as 401k, 403b, 457, etc – including employer matching contributions.

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